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Young Investigators

For increased visibility At ILCA's 2020 Annual Conference the Young Investigator Session will be held on Friday, 11 September from 11:45 - 12:45.

Junior Investigator Awards

ILCA will recognise extraordinary achievements in liver cancer research across disciplines and support the professional development of four junior investigators in training.

The award will be given for novel and significant liver cancer research across the fields of basic cancer research; translational cancer research; cancer diagnosis; the prevention of cancer; or cancer patients treatment.

Eligible for the Junior Investigator Awards are:

Those who submit the best scoring clinical abstracts

Those who submit the best basic research abstract

Under 35 years of age

The 4 award recipients – 2 clinical and 2 basic researchers – will be granted a complimentary one-year ILCA membership, a free ILCA 2020 conference registration, and a € 1500 honorarium to further their medical training and research. Junior Investigator Award recipients must attend the conference in order to receive their honorarium.

Young Investigators Travel Grant

ILCA is pleased to award a number of travel grants to presenting authors of abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation at the 14th ILCA Annual conference.




ILCA aims to support Young Investigators and helps them to participate in its Annual Conference by providing travel grants to cover travel, accommodation or registration fees.

ILCA is committed to providing young researchers with a prestigious multidisciplinary platform from which to launch or progress their international careers.

Attending a leading scientific forum is particularly important for young researchers as it gives them the opportunity to sharpen their skills, expand their expertise, gain recognition among leaders and their peers, and have face to face interaction with international experts in liver cancer from all related disciplines. These interactions will be a source of inspiration and encouragement and will ultimately advance research in the liver cancer.

ILCA offers for second time Annual conference Travel Grants to allow young investigators to attend the ILCA Annual Conference, 10 -13 September 2020.

The ILCA Young Investigators Travel Grant will facilitate young, non-established investigators in liver cancer research to attend the ILCA Annual Conference. As a rule, the participant obtaining the grant will be selected from among those presenting an oral or a poster at the conference.

The presentations will be arbitrated by a Committee based on the scientific quality, including novelty, reliability and significance, of the presentation. The sum of the grant is presently 300 EUR.


35 years old or younger

Present an oral or poster accepted at the ILCA Annual Conference 2020

Not hold an established (other than grant funded) post in liver cancer

Be an ILCA member

Reimbursements will be processed after the meeting. Young researches may claim travel, accommodation and meeting registration expenses for a maximum of € 300.

ILCA would like to thank Incyte (conference partner package)  and Bayer for being the sponsors of ILCA Young Investigators Travel Grants at ILCA Annual Conference 2020.

Click here to apply for or renew your membership

The applications will be selected by a Committee based on the scientific quality of the abstract, including novelty, reliability and significance of the presentation. The grant amount is €300. A total of 50 grants will be offered.

Applications will be closed on August 31st, 2020


Reimbursements will be processed after the conference. Young researchers may claim travel, accommodation and meeting registration expenses for a maximum of €300.

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